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Is your company aware of how to do succession planning? Is this the right time for your company to do succession planning? If you know how to do it, making it work is another task to manage when the pandemic levels it up into a more challenging one. 

The great resignation and termination call for navigating the transition. Getting ready to move up the ladder without leaving a trace of doubt sounds good. That is why succession planning is such a necessary part of talent management.

Succession planning does not happen momentarily. It happens slowly but surely. The process enables the management to determine the people with the right competencies to keep the transition smooth sailing.

About the Speaker

Rodel "Dee" M. Ancot, CPHR, CLDP, CPM, CLSSYB is an HR and Organizational Development project consultant and volunteer for marginalized institution and micro-small enterprise with more than 15 years of practice in Human Resources in Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering Consultancy, Advertising, Retail, Agriculture, Garments, Business Process Outsourcing, Food and Beverage industries. He handled various projects in HR and ISO such as Transition Program, Quality Circles, Cost-reduction Program, Process Improvement, Productivity Program, Job Evaluation, Performance Consulting, etc. Also, he acquired International Copyright Grants to teach various subject matters such as Adversity Quotient, Business Process Improvement, Green Scorecard, Measuring Learning Effectiveness, HR Transformation, Leadership Sustainability among others.

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Your 200 pesos registration fee will go to the funds for Cottolengo Filipino Inc. 

Cottolengo Filipino Inc. provides residential care for people who are abandoned, neglected, surrendered, and unwanted PWDs. It also provides rehabilitation through a homelike environment for the residential clients, medical services, Physical and Occupational Therapy interventions, and Special Education where community-based PWDs who are financially unstable are also admitted. 

Date & Time
Friday February 17, 2023
3:00 PM 5:00 PM (Asia/Manila)

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