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This public community is for HR professionals and those who would like to hone their understanding of HR. To maintain the integrity of the group as well as ensure confidentiality of discussion, only signed in members can reply to posts.

Compensation and Benefits

This forum page is dedicated for questions concerning compensation and benefits. Visitors are encouraged to be careful in disclosing confidential information. Only users with a kar...

Learning & Development

This forum page is dedicated for topics on learning and development.

Labor Relations, Standards and Cases

This forum page is dedicated to discussions regarding employee discipline and labor cases. Members may also post questions about adhering to General Labor Standards as well as SC j...

Job Openings

This forum page is dedicated for those who are looking for jobs or would like to post their job openings. Members are encouraged to put complete details when posting.

Talent Acquisition

This forum page is dedicated for questions about Talent Acquisition questions only. Posting job advertisements are not allowed here as there is a separate forum page for such.


This community is for professionals and enthusiasts of our products and services. Share and discuss the best content and new marketing ideas, build your professional profile and be...